Ready to quit procrastination, once and for all?

There are three ways that we can work together:


("The no-brainer")

Half-Finished to Done: How to Nip Procrastination in the Bud, Complete Your Projects, + Create the Results that You Want in Life.

Group coaching

("The best of both worlds")

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE — all of the concepts from the Half-Finished to Done course, applied in an interactive, live online setting. 

1:1 coaching

("The VIP")

My 1:1 coaching spots are currently booked. You can get on the wait list by booking a free mini session below. 

Length: 8 weeks
Investment: $199

Length: 8 weeks
Investment: $699

Length: 8 weeks
Investment: $1,999

Available now!

The next round kicks off on 6/3 and is now open for enrollment. 

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Let's make sure it's a mutual fit. Do you:

  • Identify as a mid-career corporate professional or entrepreneur?
  • Feel like you've already tried everything to solve procrastination?
  • Know that procrastination is a problem worth solving for you?
  • Feel open to investing money to solve this problem, even if it scares you?

A bit more on who this work is for...and who it's not for:

For you:

  • You’re ready to invest resources (time, energy, and money) into your growth.
  • You’ve read books like Atomic Habits, Deep Work, and Indistractible, and are ready to take it to the next level.
  • You understand that a coach isn’t there to agree with you — we’re there to push, poke, and prod.
  • You might be slightly skeptical about this whole coaching thing — but you’re willing to go all in.
  • You love the idea that I can help shorten your learning curve.

Probably not for you:

  • You’d rather DIY your way to personal growth. (Which, by the way, is totally possible.)
  • You’re not interested in slowing down in order to speed up; you’d rather go full speed ahead.
  • You’re not ready to shake up your belief systems.
  • You’re totally skeptical about coaching and aren’t willing to see it differently. (Read: You already have one foot out the door.) 
  • You needed this yesterday.

Hi there. I’m Cristina, a Certified Life Coach.

I work with clients to help them quit procrastination, once and for all. 

Here’s a bit more about me:

A client described me like this recently and I love it: “You have the balance [of blunt but loving]…but it comes in such a kind package that it is unexpected in the most fun way.

The most important thing to know is that — if we’re a mutual fit — we’ll get you the results you want in your life and we’ll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. I (half) joke that I’m the Cross Legged Coach; I keep things casual but wildly impactful ’round these parts.

I am certified by The Life Coach School and have a Bachelor’s in Human Services from The George Washington University. I have a background in recruiting and customer success, and ran an online membership community for five years.

Juggling the needs of multiple hiring managers, many clients, and dozens of members has made me adaptable, resourceful, and emotionally intelligent — and those skills are now at your disposal.

Here’s what my clients say about our work:

"Working through the many things we've discussed together has made such a difference in my everyday life and happiness - I can't thank you enough."
Adrienne S.
“Cristina! You are the best!!!!! Every time I meet with [you] I feel so much confirmation about the value of coaching. You literally flipped my world this morning...I would never have gotten there without your coaching. Thank you! Thank you!”
Kimberli F.
"Having you coach me was so clarifying. Because of course the thing I thought was the problem, wasn’t the problem. I loved that you asked me specifics about how the issue was showing up and no BS asked me what was next. There was no way I wouldn’t take action, it all felt clear and like the logical solution. It was fun and delivered results."
Event attendee
“I love how Cristina didn’t give up on me and try to rush me. That was amazing. She really gave me space to try to figure out where I’m at, while leading me in the right direction.”
Sami H.
“Cristina did an exceptional job working to learn all about my current situation, my aspirations, and the mental blockers preventing me from pursuing those dreams. She made me feel heard, and safe. She asked questions that effortlessly led me down a path of realization. Her innate curiosity and skillful tact encouraged me to tap into my intuition to really determine what my next step in life should be. How many people do you know who can help you tap into your inner voice to propel you into your highest state? I know of only one, and she is Cristina Roman. If you’re having any second, third, or fourth thoughts (like me) about making big changes to your life, I strongly recommend speaking with Cristina – you simply won’t regret it.”
Ghizlaine M.
"This was different than I thought it would be. Less rah-rah. More introspective."
Client challenge:
“Cristina helped me frame some ongoing struggles and ruminations in more empowering light. It really was illuminating. Cristina asked great, hard questions. I’m not in the habit of disclosing that much to someone I don’t know well, and certainly not during a relatively tumultuous period in my life…there was a freedom in that vulnerability.” 
Client challenge:
"Thanks again for the wonderful conversation, Cristina. It truly was great!!!" 
Client challenge:
Distraction and lack of focus

The three options again:

Group coaching