Monday Hour One—the time management system that I teach my clients—is about cultivating the ability to generate any feeling on demand, in order to do what needs to be done.

It’s so easy to get caught in the weeds with a time blocking system like Monday Hour One; endlessly tinkering with your schedule and trying to get it “right.”

If you’re doing that, you’re missing out on the single biggest benefit: The relief that comes from knowing that you have the power to create any productive feeling that you need to get the task at hand done.

Let me give you some examples:

When I’m writing a blog post like this, the most productive feeling I can feel in that moment is connected. I can feel instantly connected to my community (that’s you!) by focusing on thoughts like “I know what they’re struggling with,” “If they’re here, they want my help,” and “I feel like I already know them.”

When I’m doing my weekly income and expenses report, the most productive feeling in that moment is committed. I can feel this instantly by thinking “I am committed to the profitable growth of my business, and that requires me to keep an eye on my finances.”

When I’m working on my new Ask a Coach booklet for my clients, the most productive feeling in that moment is confident. I can feel a boost of confidence by thinking “I know my shit; I’m a subject matter expert on procrastination.”

When things get uncomfortable on a consult, the most productive feeling in that moment is courageous. I feel courage when I think “I am willing to say the hard thing.”

When I’m babysitting my niece and nephew, the most productive feeling in that moment is present. Thinking “These days are limited” snaps me into presence on demand.

When I want to take every Wednesday off as planned, the most productive feelings that I can feel on the other days of the week are focused and relaxed. The thoughts “My only job is to work on what’s in front of me” and “I have time for everything I want to do this week” create a sense of relaxed focus for me.

Coaching? I want to feel bold.

Being coached? I want to feel receptive.

Creating content for social media? I want to feel inspired.

Running an intensive? I want to feel energized.

Taking a half-day to rest when I’m zapped, even when I need to rearrange my calendar? I want to feel accepting.

These on-demand feelings are possible for you, too (even if they feel far away right now).

To be clear, I’m not perfect at this, and I don’t feel lovely all of the time—far from it. I often forget that I even have this superpower, so I waste time wallowing. I’m not immune to addictive social media apps pulling my focus away from work or “Ugh, I don’t want to go to the grocery storeeeee” whining.

But once I remember that I have the ability to generate any feeling on demand, I relish the sheer delight and empowerment it brings me.

And I appreciate it even more, knowing that it wasn’t always like this for me. I used to feel totally out of control; at the whim of my emotions; and battered around by my own unpredictability.

So, if you’re where I used to be: Give yourself some grace; my guess is that nobody has ever even told you that this was possible, or you’ve tried but it still feels hard.

That’s totally okay; start where you are, and let your brain envision the magnitude of this skill rippling out in your life, long-term.

What if, over time, we could double your ability to produce any productive feeling on demand?

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