Do you understand the real opportunity cost of waiting to take action?

(As a refresher, opportunity cost = the foregone time, money, and energy that you lose out on by waiting.)

Science says there’s no reason that you would—according to the research in the book Decisive, consumers do not naturally take into account the opportunity cost of their inactions.

Because you genuinely don’t realize how much you’re losing out on due to your procrastination habit, you have no clear, compelling reason to take immediate action.

Luckily for you, you’ve got me 😉

It’s my job to show you what you’re leaving on the table every day, week, month, and year that you don’t master 3 essential project-finishing skills.

Let’s say that you use one hour per day inefficiently—distracted, not knowing your priorities or not actively working on them, perfecting and tweaking things endlessly, trying to find things you’ve misplaced, falling down rabbit holes, or responding to “fires.”

At a rate of $100 per hour, that’s $25,000 of lost opportunity cost in a year.

That’s $125,000 of lost opportunity cost in the next 5 years.

For most people I work with, one hour of wasted time per day is a gross underestimation.

But at just two hours per day of misused time, your unclaimed opportunity cost jumps to $250,000 in 5 years.

And that doesn’t include what you would generate if you built your confidence and productivity in order to up your rates and output—without working more hours—like many of my clients have.

Or the skill development and certification that you would take on—if you felt capable—that would further increase your hourly rate.

So let’s say that you don’t raise your rate for the next two years, but you raise it in your third year by just $50 per hour, to $150—that brings your total opportunity cost over 5 years to $325,000.

For some people, it’s a lot more than this. (I have clients who have million-dollar opportunity costs.)

But it’s not just financial.

It’s the mental weight of constant chronic underestimation, renegotiating your workload, and carrying around more than you can possibly get done.

The classes not taken.

The certifications not completed.

The hobbies not pursued.

The vacations not taken.

It’s the strain on your relationships from not feeling present.

It’s the time spent recovering from feeling burnt out.

It’s the worry about how others see you.

It’s the loss of social capital when you’re late or have to push another deadline.

It’s your work not being out in the world, generating revenue for you and changing lives for other people.

This isn’t a scare tactic; it’s not meant to frighten you into action.

It’s meant to spark an aha moment, a moment of reflection for you.

It might seem like this about what you’re losing, but it’s really about what you stand to gain.

We already know that you want to change your relationship with procrastination; this is just a little kick in the booty that you might need in order to take action now.

Joining my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, is your next step.

Can’t wait to work with you inside the 8-week program for business owners who are ready to become self-assured, repeat project finishers.