The Bare Minimum Challenge

Join us live from February 21-25 to master The Bare Minimum Method.

Sustainably finishing projects in your business is only possible when you take care of yourself…And sometimes taking care of yourself is doing the bare minimum.

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Procrastination can be a form of misguided self-care. 

Your brain is trying to give you space to recover—but it’s ineffective, because you’re still carrying the mental and emotional weight of everything you didn’t get done. 

It’s time to learn a better way of true self-care: The Bare Minimum Method.

The Bare Minimum Method is an easy, doable 4-step process that you can pull out anytime you feel low-energy, you’ve got a lot going on in your life, or you just want more downtime. 

Come learn the Bare Minimum Method at the 5-day live Bare Minimum Challenge. 

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The Bare Minimum Method

During the live 5-day challenge, you’ll get hands-on experience using this 4-step process; then you’ll be able to whip it out on your own in the future.

Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach


Hey, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a Procrastination Coach.

I help business owners take control of all of their half-finished projects, using a sustainable, repeatable method that takes into account low-energy cycles. 

Consider this free challenge your first step to becoming a sustainable project finisher.

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  • Prep emails to set you up for success during the challenge
  • 5-day pop-up Facebook Group, for personalized written coaching from me
  • Live workshops + group coaching from Feb 21-25, to help you apply the Bare Minimum Method
  • Access to the Bare Minimum Challenge Bundle: All of the challenge resources, in one place

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When I came up with the idea of this challenge, I had the exact same thought—how can I encourage people to do the bare minimum, when I’m also teaching them how to finish projects?

But the reality is that sustainably finishing projects is only possible when you know, like, and trust yourself.

And if you’re constantly overworking or burning yourself out by not honoring your low-energy periods, you’re accidentally reducing that self-trust. 

High-energy project sprints are available to you, and they’re most effective when you’re starting them from a well-rested, rejuvenated place—mentally, emotionally, and logistically. 

There are four resources included with the challenge:

  • Before kickoff: Prep emails
  • During the 5-day challenge: A pop-up Facebook Group
  • During the 5-day challenge: Daily live, interactive coaching calls
  • Forever access: The Bare Minimum Challenge Bundle

Leading up to the live February 21-25 challenge, you’ll receive a set of prep emails that will help you understand the bare minimum concept more deeply. 

On Friday, February 18, the private pop-up Facebook Group will open, so that you can get oriented.

On Monday, February 21, you’ll get access to the Bare Minimum Challenge Bundle, which has all of the tools, concepts, and exercises that you’ll need throughout the live challenge.

From February 21-25, you’ll get unlimited written help from me in the pop-up Facebook Group.

You can also get live help from me on the daily 60-minute coaching calls, which start at 2:30pm ET Monday through Friday. (That’s 1:30pm CT, 12:30pm MT, 11:30am PT, 8:30pm CET, 6:30am AUS.)

Spend as little or as much time in the challenge as you want; no matter what, you’ll get exactly what you need from it. 

On Friday, February 25, the pop-up Facebook Group will close down, and I’ll give you the opportunity to work with me in my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE.

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If you love the work we’re doing in the Bare Minimum Challenge—taking care of your business by taking care of yourself—you’ll want to check out my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

It’s the 8-week group coaching program for business owners who want to become calm, self-assured project finishers by using a simple, repeatable project finishing method.

Enrollment for the March round opens on February 28, the week after the live challenge. 

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