The Anti-Procrastination Challenge

Join us from Nov 1-12, 2021 to kick your procrastination habit to the curb.

Procrastination is just disagreeing with yourself about what you "should" be doing at any given moment.

What percent of your days do you spend disagreeing with yourself? 

(Most business owners I speak to say they disagree with themselves between 50-75% of the time. Consider the near-constant mental stress of that.)  

During this free, virtual two-week challenge, we’ll end your internal conflict and get you back into 100% agreement with yourself. This is the path to a life without procrastination. 

100% self-agreement happens in 4 steps:

Along the way, we'll measure + manage just one key metric:

The percent of time that you disagree with yourself.

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The Anti-Procrastination Challenge is for you if:

Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach


Hey, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a Procrastination Coach.

I help business owners stop procrastinating, so that they can finally take control of all of their half-finished projects using a sustainable, repeatable method. 

This free challenge is your first step. 


What's included in the Anti-Procrastination Challenge:

  • Prep emails to set you up for success during the challenge
  • Two-week pop-up Facebook Group, for personalized written coaching from me
  • Live workshops + group coaching from Nov 1-12, to help you troubleshoot your procrastination
  • Access to the Anti-Procrastination Bundle: All of the challenge resources, in one place

I mean any kind of internal dialogue that implies that you should be doing something different than what you’re currently doing. 

For example:

  • Trying to enjoy downtime while shaming yourself about everything you haven’t gotten done
  • Trying to be present with your family, while mentally running through your to-do list
  • Making a decision and then second guessing
  • Negotiating with yourself about how many more episodes you’ll watch or how many more minutes you’ll spend on TikTok
  • Checking your inbox while you tell yourself that you should focus on that big project 
  • Telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, when you don’t have any intention of actually doing it
  • Dragging items on your to-do list to the next day…then the next day after that 

Feeling conflicted, confused, resentful, frustrated, ashamed, and overwhelmed often is a strong indicator that you’re disagreeing with yourself. 

During the challenge, I’ll help you identify exactly what disagreeing with yourself looks like for you. 

I want you to think for a minute about being in 100% agreement with yourself every day. 

What would you stop doing and what would you start doing instead?

You might stop:

  • Taking on clients who don’t value your time or effort
  • Doom-scrolling the news for hours 
  • Using your phone for hours at night
  • Sitting all day and scarfing down lunch at your desk
  • People-pleasing just so people don’t get upset with you 
  • Being distracted whenever you’re with someone (including your kids) 
  • Using technology, alcohol, and food to cover up your emotions 

You might start:

  • Taking guilt-free, quality downtime
  • Saying no to shit you never actually wanted to do
  • Working on that big, scary project that’s calling to you 
  • Setting peaceful boundaries and actually upholding them calmly
  • Planning your next digital detox vacation
  • Carving out time for that hobby you’ve put on the back burner
  • Going to sleep earlier
  • Taking long lunch breaks and walks
  • Learning to actually feel your feelings

What would the result of these new, upgraded actions be for you?

Just a little!

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Sadly, this challenge is over! Join the Pique Coaching email list to get updates about the next challenge:

When you join the email list, you’ll get immediate access to the 10-Minute Procrastination Fix Guide.

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