The 3 Skills Every Project Finisher Needs

In order to be a calm, self-assured, repeat project finisher, you need to focus on mastering just 3 skill sets.

You’ve heard these 3 skill sets talked about here and there on the podcast, but this is the first time I’m addressing all 3 together, and explaining what they have in common. 

The 3 skill sets that every project finisher needs:

  • Deep work: The ability to focus on one high-impact result for 60-75 minutes 
  • Monday Hour One: The ability to plan out your entire week in just one hour per week 
  • Project planning: The ability to manage a project across an 8-week sprint 

Here’s the good news:

    1. They’re all fundamentally the same skill set; once you master one, you can more easily master the next one
    2. You’re probably already doing these 3 skills more than you think you are
    3. You don’t need to be a total expert in these 3 skills in order to finish projects; you just need to do them slightly more than you’re currently doing them

These questions will help you track your progress as you develop and improve these skill sets: 

  • Deep work: On a scale of 1-10, how would you self-assess yourself on the ability to focus on demand on your most important work, for 60-75 minutes at a time?
  • Monday Hour One: On a scale of 1-10, how would you self-rate your ability to plan out your week in a way that works for you? 
  • Project planning: On a scale of 1-10, how would you self-assess your ability to make a project plan for your most important project and execute on that plan all the way to completion, overcoming obstacles along the way?

I invite you to answer these questions and then send your answers to me on Instagram @piquecoaching. I’ll help you figure out where to focus first. 


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