The Sit Down and Work Challenge:

Join live from April 17-21 to learn how to do your hardest work, less painfully and more efficiently.  

The Sit Down and Work Challenge is for you if:

Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach


Hey, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a Productivity Coach.

I help business owners like you tackle your hardest work—in a way that works for you—so that you can grow your business at the rate you want to.

This challenge is your first step. 


What's included in the Sit Down and Work Challenge:

  • Brand new teachings on how to do your hardest work
  • A 20-minute, 1:1 speed coaching session with me
  • 5-day pop-up Facebook Group, for personalized written coaching from me
  • Live group coaching sessions from April 17-21
  • Access to the Guide for How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes (normally $27)

Rave reviews

"The deep work guide has been a lifesaver! I used to bop around from low-impact task to low-impact task and would check a lot of shit off my to-do list but never got anything of value done. It was challenging to commit to a deep work session at first, but I soon realized that I could get A LOT done in 60 or 90 minutes if I just buckled down with a clear plan. I literally revisit it every day and plan my days around deep work sessions now."
"Loveeeeeee the deep work guide! Highly recommend it!"
"[I use the deep work guide] ALL THE TIME! I can easily get hours worth of work done in shorter periods of time when I follow the deep work guide!"
"I have REALLY REALLY REALLY used the process in the 15 min deep work process multiple times a day and every day since I’ve signed up. I am not exaggerating."


If there is any type of work that you still struggle to get done, when you want to do it, then absolutely come to the challenge!

I guarantee that you’ll leave with strategies you’ve never thought to do—because I’ve never taught it this way before.

Grab your ticket here.


There are 5 resources included with your ticket to the challenge:

  • Your 20-minute, 1:1 speed coaching session
  • Daily live trainings and coaching
  • Unlimited access to me for written coaching within the pop-up Facebook Group 
  • Lifetime access to the Guide for How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes 
  • A live group deep work session (so that you can actually get hands-on experience using the deep work guide!)

All of these resources are designed to help you sustainably get your most important work done, so that you can grow your business at the rate it deserves to grow.

Here’s the full list of calls; all times are in ET:
  • Monday, 4/17: 3-4pm kickoff call
  • Tuesday, 4/18: 2-3pm training + coaching call
  • Wednesday, 4/19: 2-3pm training + coaching call
  • Thursday, 4/20: 2-3pm training + coaching call +  3:30-5pm deep work session
  • Friday, 4/21: 11-12:30pm deep work session + 1-2pm closing call

You’ll also get to choose a time for your 20-minute, 1:1 speed coaching session with me when you grab your ticket

Decide ahead of time specifically what would make this challenge a success for you. 

Then ask yourself what you need to do in order to guarantee your success.

Is it asking for help in the Facebook Group? Showing up to your 20-minute, 1:1 speed coaching session with a specific question? Coming to the live deep work session? Running through the Guide for How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes several times throughout the week?

Most importantly, don’t stress about not taking in everything. 

(Trying to do it all or do it all perfectly stems from perfectionism, and usually leads to overwhelm, then avoidance.) 

You’ll have lifetime access to the materials, so you can always revisit them in the future if you want a refresher.

Just a little!

When you participate in the Sit Down and Work Challenge, you’re giving me permission to use your words anonymously for all marketing purposes.

All live calls will be recorded and distributed throughout this and future Sit Down and Work Challenges, as well as put in the Pique client portal for all future clients to access.

We kick off when the ticker runs out:


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