Monday Hour One 5-Day Challenge

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Sustainably finishing projects in your business happens one week at a time.

And your weeks will be more efficient, effective, calm, and smooth when you implement the 5-step Monday Hour One process.

Using this process, you’ll learn how to make a sustainable plan for your entire week in just one hour, then train yourself to follow through on it.  

This 5-day challenge is for you if:

Without Monday Hour One

With Monday Hour One

Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach


Hey, I’m Cristina Roman. I’m a Procrastination Coach, and I help business owners finally take control of all of their half-finished projects.

Monday Hour One is one of the three skills that I teach my clients. 

Consider this free challenge your first step to becoming a sustainable project finisher.

Here's what's in store during the 5-day challenge:

  • 3-day email prep series, to get you set up for the live event
  • 5 days of live group coaching from April 11-15
  • 5-day pop-up Facebook Group, to get personalized written coaching from me on demand
  • Access to the Monday Hour One booklet: Answers to 11 FAQs + 5 pro tips

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This challenge is a great fit for you if:

  • You’re a business owner who has important projects that you’re ready to get cracking on 
  • You love the idea of having a doable, realistic weekly schedule that stretches you in all of the right ways
  • You’re excited by the idea that Monday Hour One helps you uncover and solve your most common procrastination patterns 
  • You understand that Monday Hour One requires practice each week—you know that it’s not a quick fix, but you’re ready for a more sustainable, long-term solution
  • You’re thrilled that your bespoke Monday Hour One plan will take into account your unique life circumstances, your preferences, your strengths, and your desires

With Monday Hour One, you’ll learn how to make a sustainable plan for your entire week in just one hour, then train yourself to follow through on it.  

It’s perfect for anyone who has struggled to implement time blocking in the past. 

You will learn to eliminate decision fatigue, analysis paralysis, procrastination and perfectionism, overwhelm, and internal conflict about what you “should” be doing in any given moment. 

You’ll learn to reverse engineer based on the results that you want to create, make a reasonable, reliable plan for your week, anticipate and solve for obstacles that might come up, and learn to show up, no matter what, in order to create the business that you truly want.

While Monday Hour One is a form of time blocking, it’s so much more than that. 

Here are a few distinctions that make Monday Hour One so impactful:

  • A stronger emphasis on creating results, not just taking a lot of miscellaneous actions
  • More intentionality around what, why, and when you put things on your calendar
  • Proactively thinking through things that might derail your plan, and strategizing how to prevent or solve them  
  • Built-in troubleshooting and evaluating when things go off plan—instead of throwing the plan away, you’ll study exactly what happened, how you can get back on track, and how to deal with similar situations more effectively in the future 
  • This process takes into account your emotions and how they drive your behavior in any given moment 

If you’re sold, I’d love to see you inside the challenge! 

There are four resources included with the challenge:

  • Before kickoff: Prep emails
  • During the 5-day challenge: A pop-up Facebook Group
  • During the 5-day challenge: Daily live, interactive coaching calls
  • Forever access: The Monday Hour One 5-Day Challenge Bundle

Leading up to the live April 11-15 challenge, you’ll receive a set of prep emails that will help you understand the Monday Hour One concept more deeply. 

On Sunday, April 10, the private pop-up Facebook Group will open, so that you can get oriented.

On Monday, April 11, you’ll get access to the Monday Hour One 5-Day Challenge Bundle, which has all of the tools, concepts, and exercises that you’ll need throughout the live challenge.

From April 11-15, you’ll get unlimited written help from me in the pop-up Facebook Group.

You can also get live help from me on the daily 60-minute coaching calls, which start at 2pm ET, Monday through Friday. (That’s 1pm CT, 12pm MT, 11am PT, 8pm CET, 6am AUS.)

Spend as little or as much time in the challenge as you want; no matter what, you’ll get exactly what you need from it. 

On Friday, April 15, the pop-up Facebook Group will close down, and I’ll give you the opportunity to work with me in my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE.

Nope, this challenge is for business owners with all levels of Monday Hour One familiarity—from those brand new to Monday Hour One, to scheduling experts who just want a few tweaks or a new challenge.

The pre-event prep emails will set you up perfectly to join the challenge on Monday, April 11. 

Once you have hands-on experience using the Monday Hour One process, you’ll feel comfortable planning for one week. 

Your next challenge will be learning to plan and execute over the course of 8 weeks, in order to get your bigger projects done.

The only place that I teach project planning is in my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. You’ll hear more about it inside the challenge. 

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