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  • 3 steps for reducing procrastination, stat [Anti-Procrastination Challenge]

    The 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge is going to be an energizing, lively, interactive experiment as we work through the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle:

    1️⃣ Craft a vision

    I’ll help you get crystal-clear on what you want to create in your business and in the rest of your life in the next 3 years—and then we’ll help you double what you think is possible.

    Procrastination can’t stand up to a compelling vision that pulls you forward.

    2️⃣ Align your identity + emotions

    Who you’ll be when you accomplish your vision is different from how you’re currently operating in your life. We’ll get you clear on how the most productive, relaxed, joyful version of you operates, so that you can start thinking and feeling like that person now.

    3️⃣ Act as if

    You’ll become the new version of yourself daily by taking micro-actions. I’ll help you pinpoint exactly where you’ve struggled to take action in the past and why, then help you focus on just a few high-impact actions that you can take right now in order to move forward, with less procrastination.

    As we go through the Anti-Procrastination Cycle, you’ll watch people get clear on what they want in their businesses; realize what they don’t actually care about what they thought they did; and start making more aligned, inspired decisions.

    And you’ll be one of them, because:

    ✅ You understand that having an unclear or uninspiring longer-term vision for your business is costing you (money, time, energy, and angst)

    ✅ You know that your current decisions are confusing, because you’re not clear on where you’re headed

    ✅ The idea of creating and sharing your vision in a group setting makes you feel alive and nervous, in the best way possible

    ✅ You love that this isn’t goal-setting and it’s not manifestation; it’s a process for defining and living your vision now

    ✅ You get that the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle is a tool that can be used over and over and over again

    ✅ You’re intrigued by the idea of boiling down your complex emotions into a personalized emotional roadmap that helps you feel how you want to feel, more often

    Ready? Click here to register for the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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    See you inside the challenge!



  • An anti-procrastination success story [Anti-Procrastination Challenge]

    One of my clients came to me because she’s been spending a lot of time spinning in her business.

    Every day, she’s been telling herself “I have no idea what to do next.”

    This leads her into an endless cycle of urgency, confusion, and defeat.

    Wondering what to do next. Thinking of cool ideas but not putting them into action. Feeling despair that she’s never to get the results that she really wants. Beating herself up for mistakes that she made in her last business, and telling herself “This is just like last time.”

    (Can you relate?)

    So, I led her through the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle:

    1. Crafting a 3-year vision
    2. Aligning her identity and emotions
    3. Acting as if

    When she did her 3-year vision, she immediately wrote down “I am the go-to coach in my niche,” which made her feel clear, joyful, proud, and confident.

    Her first reaction was excitement, quickly followed by “Yeah, but I have no idea how to make that happen.” (Bam: Right back to confusion, urgency, and defeat.)

    But then something awesome happened.

    She started acting as if (the third step).

    Instead of staying in her negative emotions, she started asking herself “If I were already the go-to coach, what would I do right now?”

    It changed not only the actions she’s taking, but her energy as she takes action.

    Now that she’s taking more aligned actions, her results are changing.

    Immediately, she coached better in a client session and her client started reporting more wins. People are asking her to send over her speaking rates (when she’s never charged before). She started making money off of her social media presence. She’s speaking more clearly to her best potential clients, not just anyone. Her client gave her name and info to another potential dream client.

    This is the power of working the full Anti-Procrastination Cycle.

    Come see for yourself at the 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge. Just click here to enroll for free. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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    See you inside the challenge!



  • When your vision is wrong [Anti-Procrastination Challenge]

    I remember sitting at a table at a jungly outdoor restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, surrounded by several new friends who I had decided to introduce over brunch.

    Every single one of the women was lively, engaged, fun, and pursuing something interesting in their business.

    I remember thinking “Wow, this is exactly what I envisioned for my life. I just got the timeline and location wrong.”

    You see, just a few months earlier, I had planned to move to Miami. I had literally visualized being at a table somewhere in Miami, surrounded by inspiring, cool new friends, laughing our asses off.

    But when I got to Miami with my mom and my car packed full of stuff, I realized very quickly that it wasn’t for me. In fact, we were only there for a week and a half before I had the GTFO. (Lesson learned: Maybeeee don’t move somewhere without ever visiting…but never say never 😂)

    After a mini-existential crisis, I decided to move to Playa del Carmen on a whim, settle in, and start meeting people. That’s how I ended up at that brunch that day.

    Here’s the point, as it relates to the upcoming Anti-Procrastination Challenge: The purpose of crafting a vision isn’t to be attached to it happening exactly as you intend.

    The point is to use visioning as a tool to better understand your desires; to stretch your idea of what you think is possible for yourself; to get clear on how you want to feel; and to start making clear, aligned decisions that increase the probability of getting closer to your intended vision.

    For me, that meant:

    👉 Being honest with myself that even though I could make Miami work, I didn’t want to

    👉 Being crystal-clear on the kind of people I wanted to spend time around

    👉 Working to believe that the people I want to be around also want to be around me (because I am fun, inspiring, and generous)

    👉 Being open, receptive, and proactive (which is how I met one woman through Instagram, another at a cafe, and a third on a random rooftop)

    👉 Making sure that I had plenty of free time, so that I could be open to spontaneous connections and conversations

    👉 Getting clear on what I wouldn’t do: Force myself to go to meetups, pressure myself into making friends, or hang out with people I didn’t genuinely click with

    This is the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle in action: Craft a vision; align your identity and emotions; and act as if.

    Come try it for yourself at the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. Just click here to enroll for free. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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    See you inside the challenge!



  • What matters to you? [Anti-Procrastination Challenge]

    What really matters to you, in your business and life?

    What matters to you today?

    What matters to you in the next 3 months?

    What matters to you in the next year?

    What matters to you in the next 3 years?

    And what doesn’t matter to you, that you’ve been prioritizing?

    Most people don’t know their answer, or they have a very vague idea.

    When you don’t know your answers, it makes total sense that you would spend a lot of time procrastinating—taking a bunch of haphazard action in all different directions, getting frustrated with your lack of progress, and then stalling out.

    Here’s the good news: You don’t need total clarity in order to get started. You just need “good enough” clarity, which you can learn to give yourself, on demand.

    The 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle—which you’ll learn at the Anti-Procrastination Challenge—is the spark of clarity you’ve been looking for.

    Click here to grab your free spot at the 5-day challenge, and let’s get you clear.

    We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

    (If you missed this one, click here to hop on the wait list for the next one.)

    P.S. If you do know what matters to you but are still having trouble taking action on that clarity, come to the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. I can help you with that.


  • “Yups” and “Nopes”

    There are two different kinds of procrastination that are likely happening in your business right now:

    1. The “Yups”: You procrastinate on things you definitely want to do, and there’s something in the way of doing them.
    2. The “Nopes”: You procrastinate on other things because you know they’re not things you should really be doing, and there’s something in the way of not doing them.

    The “Yups” are the things that you know are important for your mental, emotional, physical, and intellectual health, and the health of your business. The needle movers. The activities with the highest ROI. The creative outlets that feed your soul.

    Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve been finding plenty of ways to justify not doing them.

    The “Nopes” are the things that you secretly know are low-value, are not a good use of your time, or truly aren’t the best next step. They’re the “shoulds” that you don’t really want to do.

    These are the things that you’ve been trying to talk yourself into doing, to no avail.

    When you walk through the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle, your “Yups” and your “Nopes” become crystal-clear.

    When you know this, you can change it, by getting the “Yups” done and dealing with the discomfort of letting go of the “Nopes.”

    In practice, here’s what it looks like (names changed for anonymity):

    For Miguel, this looked like giving responsibility back to his team members to prepare their own reports, which reduced his own prep time significantly.

    For Lydia, this looked like taking time to garden in the morning—to cultivate calm, presence, and relaxation before she got into her work for the day.

    For Shonda, this meant reducing her workload so that she gets out of the office at 5pm, no matter what. (With very few exceptions.)

    For Bryan, it meant dropping out of an accountability group that wasn’t rigorous and valuable anymore.

    For Katrina, this meant letting her clients take responsibility for their session notes, instead of her taking the time to type up, organize, and send lengthy follow up notes.

    For Tim, this looked like dropping the shame-inducing story of her “30,000 unread emails” and her self-induced pressure to get to Inbox Zero, and just focusing on the 20 emails that actually needed her attention.

    For Veronica, it meant taking a macaron making class, just for fun.

    For Claudia, it meant reviewing her own workload, presenting her findings to her project manager, and only accepting new work that didn’t put her over 100% capacity.

    For Cindy, it meant ending a volunteer position at an organization that didn’t align with her passion anymore.

    You deserve a business filled with the satisfaction of getting your “Yups” done and the relief of letting go of your “Nopes.”

    It’s all inside the free 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge, which is live from August 8-12, 2022.

    Click here to register for the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. (Or hop on the wait list for the next one, if you missed this one.)


  • The Productivity Upgrade [Anti-Procrastination Challenge]

    If you’d like to turbo-charge your productivity during the Anti-Procrastination Challenge, I encourage you to grab the Productivity Upgrade:

    👉 A one-hour private Productivity Power Zone call with me ($250 value)

    You and I will meet 1:1 on Zoom for 60 minutes to work through your specific procrastination challenges. This includes:

    ✅ A Productivity Power Zone assessment (evaluating your relationship to time, focus, prioritization, and commitment)

    ✅ Customized recommendations for spending more time in your unique Productivity Power Zone

    ✅ Hands-on feedback on your Anti-Procrastination Cycle plan (which you’ll create during the challenge), to ensure that it gets into your Productivity Power Zone as often as possible

    👉 The “From Procrastination to Productivity” Workshop ($100 value)

    This live, interactive 60-minute workshop on Wednesday, August 17 at 2pm ET is just for those who have upgraded. Note: This isn’t a recorded workshop; it’s a chance to get my help, live.

    After you’ve had several days to implement the Anti-Procrastination Cycle on your own, we’ll reconvene to talk through what’s still hard or confusing for you when it comes to why and when you procrastinate.

    👉 Access to The Productivity Power Zone Course ($99 value)

    Continue the work on your own after the challenge by going through the hands-on, self-paced Productivity Power Zone course.

    The Productivity Upgrade is available until 6pm ET on Thursday, August 11, or until all spots are snagged. All 1:1 calls take place this week, August 8-12. 

    Just click here to grab the upgrade package for $250.

    Can’t wait to work with you!


  • How you’ll know that the Anti-Procrastination Challenge is for you

    The majority of what I teach is about taking action.

    But if you’re like most business owners who procrastinate, you likely need help getting reconnected to your “why,” before you can take clear, aligned actions that actually make sense.

    Otherwise, you’ll waste a ton of time taking haphazard action, getting frustrated with your lack of progress, and then stalling out.

    This is exactly what we’ll be working through during the free 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge, from August 8-12.

    This is for you if:

    ❌ You’ve lost sight of why you started your business, because you’re caught up in the tedious day-to-day work

    ❌ Every day kinda feels the same, and it’s not as glamorous as you thought it would be

    ❌ You suspect that you’re doing a lot of work that doesn’t fit into your Zone of Value (the place where your interests, strengths, and desires overlap with your stakeholders’ needs)

    ❌ Your workload is packed with too much stuff that you don’t actually want to do

    ❌ You get your work done, but you know you’re settling for results that are less cool and exciting than you actually want

    ❌ You dismiss your wins, and tell yourself that you’ll celebrate “next time” (but you don’t)

    ❌ You feel bummed, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or confused regularly

    The 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle is designed to pull you out of these patterns, and into a better day-to-day experience in your business, by:

    1. Crafting a 3-year vision: Procrastination can’t stand up to a compelling vision that pulls you forward.
    2. Aligning your identity + emotions: Once you’re clear on your vision, you’ll get clear on what that future version of you (who is more productive, relaxed, and joyful) thinks and feels.
    3. Acting as if: When you start acting as if you’re already your Future Self, you’ll start making better, more aligned decisions immediately.

    Click here to register for the 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge.


  • 8 patterns of self-proclaimed half-finishers

    Would you be comforted to know that you’re not alone in your struggle with half-finished projects?

    Even if you’re a special snowflake like me, who prides myself on being different and interesting (damn Enneagram 4 🙄), you’ll likely feel a little bit better knowing that what you’re struggling with right now is all normal—and it’s all solvable.

    During every Half-Finished to Done, LIVE launch, I host many 1:1 consults with potential clients, and I spot common patterns in these conversations. 

    Here are 8 common themes that emerged in the last Half-Finished to Done, LIVE launch that you might be dealing with, too:

    1. Having a time problem vs thinking you have a time problem
    2. Getting yourself into double binds
    3. Paying penance for Past You
    4. Not knowing why you don’t follow through
    5. Thinking you’ve tried something like this
    6. Relying on or hiding from someone else
    7. Not guaranteeing your own results
    8. All-or-nothing thinking

    In each section below, I’ll explain how specifically these patterns show up, why they prevent the steady, sustainable forward progress you’re looking for, and how I can help you overcome them when we work together. 

    At the bottom of the page, I’ll invite you to book your own consult, so that we can continue this conversation. 

    Having a time problem vs thinking you have a time problem:

    Not surprisingly, many clients come to me because they feel like they don’t have time to take on their half-finished projects.

    When clients tell me they “don’t have time,” we always fact-check if this is true (sometimes it is!) or an unhelpful story that they’ve been carrying around. This is a classic example of the power of separating your perception from the actual facts.

    Often, a story about “not having time” can actually be hiding other data, like lack of energy, lack of engagement, too much saying yes to things that you don’t want to do, or feelings of fear and inadequacy.

    My job as a coach is to help you pressure-test your default thought patterns around time. If they’re true, I help you implement doable solutions or, if they’re false, I help you get down to the real issue.

    Getting yourself into double binds:

    A double bind is an un-winnable situation that you’ve created in your mind. When you put yourself into a double bind, you usually can’t even see it.

    For example, you might think “I need to be more consistent” while also believing “I don’t know how to be more consistent.” Double bind. You might think “I need to follow through more” while also believing “I can’t figure out why I don’t follow through.” Double bind. These double binds feel stifling, like there’s no way out.

    My job as a coach is to help you see and get out of your mental binds, by helping you open up new possibilities. 

    Paying penance for Past You:

    By the time clients come to me, they’re often putting immense pressure on themselves to take action now, to make up for “lost time.”

    A belief system that things should have gone differently or faster in the past adds urgency and pressure to the present, which always backfires. (Because who’s excited to show up to work when they feel like they’re under intense pressure?)

    My job as a coach is to help you make peace with the past then make a clear, doable plan for moving forward; this ensures that Present You and Future You don’t continue to suffer in the same patterns as Past You.

    Not knowing why you don’t follow through:

    If you think about why you aren’t following through on your half-finished projects, what emotions come up for you? 

    Likely confusion (“I really don’t know!”) or exasperation with yourself (“I hate that I don’t follow through.”)

    Saying “I don’t know” or shaming yourself keeps you stuck at best, and taking less action, at worst.

    Unfortunately, no one ever taught us how to compassionately self-evaluate our own behavior and give ourselves clear, doable solutions in order to make sustainable changes. Luckily, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE exists.

    My job as a coach is to show you when you’re beating yourself up and help you instead investigate your own behavior with curiosity and compassion in order to actually understand and change it.

    Thinking you’ve tried something like this:

    Wanting to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE but also telling yourself “I’ve tried something like this before” is an example of a double bind.

    There are two easy ways to break out of this bind:

    1. Acknowledge that it might be true that you’ve tried something like this program before and then explain to yourself how it will be different this time (10% of people)
    2. Tell yourself the truth—that you likely tried on your own without a supportive community and structure; that you’ve tried either the mental piece, the emotional piece, or the logistical planning piece, but probably not all of them simultaneously; or that when you tried, you dabbled but didn’t go all in (90% of people)

    My job as a coach is to help you figure out for yourself why this experience will be different from what you’ve tried in the past, in order to increase buy-in for yourself.

    Relying on or hiding from someone else:

    Often, people come to me wanting to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, but there is someone else whose opinion is influencing their decision making process.

    There is usually at least one person in your life who you either feel that you need approval from in order to enroll or, conversely, feel like you can’t tell about the program.

    To be clear, seeking counsel from others in your life isn’t a bad thing at all, or neither is desiring privacy with your decisions. You just want to notice if you’re using someone else as a proxy for making your own decisions.

    My job as a coach is to help you distinguish helpful input, collaborative decision making, and healthy self-reliance from dependence on other people’s approval.

    Not guaranteeing your own results

    Many people come to me wanting to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE—but something outside of them is stopping them from moving forward.

    Their clients haven’t paid their invoices yet. They just don’t have enough paying clients yet. They need approval from someone else. Their kid and spouse need a lot of attention right now. Their team is new and needy.

    This puts them into a pattern of passively waiting on other people, and it often breeds resentment, defeat, apathy, and disappointment.

    If this is you, notice what you’re not doing when this is happening: You’re not being bold and following up on your unpaid invoices. You’re not pitching new clients. You’re not proactively setting up family systems. You’re not creating employee manuals.

    Put simply, you don’t feel that you can guarantee your own results, so you stop showing up powerfully.

    My job as a coach is to show you where you’re abdicating responsibility for creating your own results, and help you step into full ownership by learning to guarantee your results—no matter what’s happening outside of you.

    All-or-nothing thinking

    Often, people tell me that they’re scared to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE because they don’t trust themselves to follow through. I joke that they wouldn’t be joining a program for self-proclaimed procrastinators if they already fully trusted themselves.

    What’s really going on is that they’re viewing success in the program and with their projects as all or nothing: “Either I master every single piece of the process and finish a project, or it was a bust.”

    This perfectionist attitude stops you from starting, letting yourself fail, and improving—while supporting yourself all along the way.

    Here’s an example: You might not trust yourself to finish an entire project. That’s okay. You might not even trust yourself to get through an entire 60-minute deep work session. That’s okay, too. Do you trust yourself to get through a 30-minute deep work session? Start there.

    My job as a coach is to help you see where you’re falling into all-or-nothing thinking that’s preventing you from taking small, incremental steps forward. We’ll find out the threshold where you do believe and trust in yourself, and build incremental gains from there.

    Ready to meet me on a 1:1 consult, so that we can talk through these patterns and find solutions?

    Click here to get started with your Half-Finished to Done, LIVE journey today


  • The Accomplishment Triad

    When I speak to self-proclaimed procrastinators about how they’d like to feel, accomplished is one of the most common emotions mentioned—along with proud, satisfied, successful, and confident.

    You, too?

    This is likely in sharp contrast to how you often feel now: Guilty, embarrassed, inadequate, ashamed, overwhelmed.

    The feeling of accomplished might feel out of your control, but you can actually learn to create it on demand.

    And when you create it on demand more frequently, you feel better and you create even more opportunities where it’s easy to feel accomplished.

    In other words, a feeling of accomplished begets more feelings of accomplished.

    So if you’re ever feeling stuck in procrastination or perfectionism, remember that “an achievement is something that is accomplished particularly by great effort, courage…or skills.”

    This means that in order to get unstuck, you need to troubleshoot just one or more of these three areas. 

    Start by asking yourself this:

    In my current situation, do I need more:

    • Skill?
    • Effort?
    • Courage?

    How do I know?

    Once you know exactly what you need, you clear up your confusion and you can get to work implementing your solution.

    Let’s walk through an example: You’re building a simple website for your new business and you don’t understand why you keep pushing back the launch date. The website is set up; your minimum viable copy is written; and you’re still feeling nervous. In this case, you likely need to applaud yourself for your skill and effort and then channel courage, in order to hit publish and be willing to iterate as you get feedback. (Instead of expecting it to be perfect the first time around.)

    Or, you might be like me: In my first year of business, I worked hard to produce content and I put myself out there all the time. But I was missing the skill set of actually selling and converting people into paying clients. Once I added a program specifically designed for selling (skill) to my effort and courage, it put fuel on the fire of my business.

    if you’d like more about the Accomplishment Triad, click here to watch a 9-minute video

    In the video, you’ll learn:

    • The backstory of the Accomplishment Triad
    • How to get into the Accomplishment Triad on demand today
    • Which of the 3 areas of the Triad most people misdiagnose (vs what they actually need)
    • 3 accomplishment-generating questions
    • What your actions look like when you’re firmly rooted in the Accomplishment Triad
    • A pro tip for the times when you already feel accomplished

    Enjoy spending more time feeling accomplished!


  • The Project Finisher Guarantee (Half-Finished to Done, LIVE)

    I know that joining a coaching program—especially one that’s focused on procrastination—can feel scary, risky, or uncertain. 

    This is why, when you enroll in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, you automatically get the Project Finisher Guarantee. 

    While I want to help you make your investment in the program from the most grounded, strategic part of your brain, there is still part of your brain that will inevitably focus on the risk involved.

    And because I can help mitigate the downside for you and help your brain relax, I will. 

    If you follow the guidelines that I set out and don’t finish your project during our 8 weeks together, you can enroll in the next round for free.

    This guarantee is nothing but upside for both of us. 

    You are incentivized to show up and work the process even when it’s uncomfortable; I am incentivized to teach you how to show up, create a fail-proof process, and help you clear up anything in the way of success with that process.

    It also increases the level of connection, collaboration, and honesty between us. We are both on the same team: Team Get You a Finished Project. (Though we might want to come up with a better team name together, LOL.) 

    And here’s why it’s not a money-back guarantee: Worst case scenario, it keeps you “in the arena,” meaning that you won’t take your money and opt out; you’ll troubleshoot and come back stronger on your next project. 

    I can only make this guarantee because I am totally confident in my coaching and the process I have created, which has been test-driven by so many people before you.

    Here are the conditions:

    • Attend the one-day kickoff event, or submit a recap of the parts you missed
    • You must submit all homework assignments on time (unless you notify me at least 48 hours in advance with your updated deadline) 
    • Re-submit any homework assignments that I mark as incomplete before the next homework assignment (this is rare, and I am always fair)
    • Confirm that you read my homework feedback each week
    • Make the appropriate adjustments to your schedule in order to hit or make up 100% of your project work blocks, or adjust the scope of your project to reduce the number of work blocks needed
    • Use the troubleshooting process before every call in Weeks 4-8
    • Miss no more than 2 calls during the 8 weeks OR submit one-paragraph written recap of any missed coaching call 
    • Share two wins per week in the wins channel 
    • Document and follow up in writing on Slack on any individualized coaching that I give you 

    If I get an indicator that any part of your answers were untruthful or intentionally withholding, I will address this with you directly. I don’t anticipate this happening; it’s only here to protect myself legally :) 

    Ready? Click here to learn more about Half-Finished to Done, LIVE and book your free 45-minute consult. We can talk through any hesitations that you have about the program in general or the Project Finisher Guarantee specifically.

    See you on the consult and cheers to Team Project Finisher!